Welcome to Sound Dentistry

Benjamin Metrick DDS  ::  New York, NY 

We are a family oriented, prevention minded practice. We provide an attractive, comfortable setting and aim to make your experience a pleasant one. We accept most major insurance plans, make installment arrangements without interest, and offer very competitive fees.

Our practice philosophy is based upon what we believe to be the most advanced paradigms of sound dentistry:

·     Our treatments for children include orthodontics aiming not just for straight teeth but also for full, proper, and most aesthetic development of the face and jaws, while minimizing extractions and achieving the most stable result. We use patience, not heavy sedatives or pressure, to give children a positive experience and keep them relaxed.

·     We treat adults from a neuro-muscular basis, treating and preventing jaw joint problems, chronic headaches and sleep disturbances.

·     We employ laser techniques and the ”Perio Protect”® method to treat many kinds of gum disease without resorting to surgery.

·     We offer adult orthodontics including Invisalign® invisible braces featured in many magazines.

·     We offer one-and two-step makeovers with the veneers that meet the demands of stage and screen and we make every effort to treat esthetic emergencies promptly so that “the show goes on.”

·     We have the latest and most powerful one-hour bleaching system from Zoom® at considerably less than midtown fees.