The Sound Dental Plan

An exciting brand new offer from Sound Dentistry!

Savings. Simplicity. Quality.

Want to get top-notch dentistry but think you can't afford it without getting insurance?

How about this?  No complicated paperwork. No pre-certifications. No waiting periods. No annual maximum.

Everyone should have access to GREAT dental care. We know that every penny counts.

Read on for more information, or call us today at 212-795-8989, we're happy to help answer any questions you have!

Guaranteed Savings

The Sounds Dental Plan gives you 12 months of significant savings on full service dentistry. The savings extend to procedures normally covered by insurance. You are ahead with just your initial visit and set of radiographs (x-rays), or two cleaning/check up visits (when one involves checkup radiographs).

You don't have to sacrifice quality for lower rates.

Simple Billing Plans

Take one simple step: Choose a monthly payment plan, or enjoy additional savings -- worth two months off! -- with a single payment in advance.

 Individual$15/month ($180/year)
$25/month ($250/year)
$30/month ($360/year)

Savings of two months off with a single payment!

That's it! you're done.

On the monthly plan, we will automatically charge your credit card, with no further action required on your part. A one year commitment is required.

How it Works

You join our plan. We give you a discount. You get high-quality private dentistry at insurance-like rates.

Reduced Rates. We will charge according to a fee table that is the average of the In-network fees paid to us by the major insurance companies that we participate with, on any procedure they cover.

But we won't stop discounting on any procedures you need -- unlike insurance plans that have an annual maximum cap. We'll also give you $50 off on any tooth whitening procedure.

High Quality. We use modern techniques and high-quality materials while caring about your cosmetic concerns.

Call us today at 212-795-8989 or drop by our office to lean more and to sign up!